We’re a crack team of pomegranate lovers, pomegranate-eaters and pomme-geeks who feel the day isn’t complete unless we’ve uttered the words, “Pass the arils, please.”

Pomegranates aren’t just a fruit for us, most days they’re our reason for getting out of bed. We think you’ll agree, pomegranates are sort of wonderful, mystical and something of a metaphor for life: A happy life, with good taste and late starts, with long, lazy lunches, and really great parking in a shady spot.

At Molassity we are the modern stewards of a long line of pomegranate molasses makers and we hold true to the origins of our recipe–to perfectly preserve all the goodness and flavor of wonderful pomegranate fruit so that we can enjoy it all year round.

You might say we’re part of an ancient, dusty, artisanal tradition, and enthusiastically so. Our is a culinary custom built around the same high standards, spirit and insistence on quality that was handed down to our grandparents, by their grandparents. And all of this to make sure that a world-class mediterranean kitchen staple stays authentic, pure, and undiluted, the way folks have enjoyed it for centuries.

I guess this makes you a part of that tradition too.

Welcome to Molassity.
Welcome to our tradition.

The Molassity Team

Our Mission

People deserve to enjoy and nurture their body with pomegranate molasses that tastes amazing and is free of colors, flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, thickeners, pesticides, herbicides and plastic. That is why we created Molassity.