First and only certified organic California pomegranate molasses

Single Ingredient

The same way grandma used to make it

Not From Concentrate

Freshly squeezed juice from real pomegranates


Taste the naturally sweet and sour pomegranate flavor


Naturally plump and ripe; no genetic engineering needed

Molassity Pomegranate Molasses Bottle | The Only Organic Californian Pomegranate Molasses

Tastes like it should

Real, pure, wholesome, healthy, absolutely delicious.

14+ Pomegranates

Go into every bottle.

No Preservatives

Just great taste.


Prepared according to requirements.


No gluten-containing additives (or other unwanted stuff)

Molassity Pomegranate Molasses | Discover Amazing Recipes

Pomegranates and Molassity’s Pomegranate Molasses are a cinch to include in your favorite meals. Get inspired with quick and easy delights from our recipe collection, or simply download our cookbook for your own kitchen. From cocktails to salads through entrées and desserts, there’s something for every palate and every occasion. We are constantly updating our recipes, so follow us on social media or check back in with us regularly for more pomegranate goodness!

Molassity Pomegranate Molasses | Pomegranate Berry Juice
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With no added sugars or preservatives, Molassity Pomegranate Molasses is pure, condensed, pomegranate goodness and nothing else. A taste this pure means you get all the health benefits of pomegranates with the unmistakable sweet and tarty pomegranate “pop” that will have your tastebuds dancing with joy.

That’s the kind of experience you should expect from the world’s only organic, Californian pomegranate molasses. Unparalleled single ingredient purity, distilled with excellence and crafted from a recipe, centuries in the making. That’s Molassity..


Organic Pomegranate Molasses

82 Reviews
Rated 4.82 out of 5
★★★★★ 70

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Pomegranate Plate | Molassity Pomegranate Molasses
Our Story | Molassity Pomegranate Molasses

Delicious, wholesome pomegranate molasses. Our mothers learned how to make it from their mothers, who learned it from theirs–the handmaidens of a recipe some four thousand years in the making. As stewards of this ancient process we hold true to the historical roots of pomegranate molasses creation and have only introduced one new idea to its production: Convenience.

In the best traditions of authentic, artisanal, slow-made world-foods, we take extreme care in the crafting of Molassity Organic Pomegranate Molasses, from the organic farming of the hand-picked pomegranate fruits to the unhurried, low-temperature simmer we subject their juices to. Every step in our recipe is designed to elevate the rich flavor and quality of our single ingredient and create a distinctive pomegranate molasses, the kind no self-respecting mediterannean kitchen should ever be without.


Molassity is a game changer when it comes to health and taste
E. Esq, USA
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“Molassity is not only delicious but super-healthy! Full of antioxidants! I love the viscosity of this pomegranate molasses and the taste. It's tangy and sweet. I've used it to make my salad dressing with olive oil and vinegar and I add a little bit of it to tapioca pudding. Incredible!!!!”
Highly recommend!
Youssef M., USA
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“Tastes really good with salads! The only pomegranate syrup I will be buying from now on.”
Fabulous flavor
Jill D., USA
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“Fabulous product!! The flavor of the pomegranate is excellent. Great over berries, the flavor is exquisite.”
Versatile product for cooking! Must try!
Jamie, USA
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“If you love cooking like me, it’s easily the newest staple in the kitchen. Aside from being packed with nutrients, it’s a delicious addition to a wide variety of food and drinks… I simply grab it for extra flavor. Will order again soon!”

Make Healthy Eating a Way of Life

Molassity Organic Pomegranate Molasses not only tastes great, but it can be an integral part of healthy eating and living.  Find out how by signing up to receive a free soft copy of The Pomegranate Molasses Cookbook.


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